TGIF [8.8.14]

friday-2Happy Friday! Just some sparkly inspiration to get your weekend off to a wonderful start! Be sure to check in next week for peeks at our engagement photos!

(image via The Glitter Guide)

Wedding Day Inspo…

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wedding 2Wedding planning is in full swing ladies and gentlemen! Thanks to the help of our wedding planner, we’ve knocked out a good portion of the planning. The caterer, florist, videographer, and photographer is booked and we just took our engagement pictures this past weekend! I am one of those people who has a bit of delayed excitement, so now that I’m starting to see all of the details come together I’m beginning to get super excited about everything! These pics reflect perfectly the ambiance I’m going for with our wedding. Sparkle, glam and elegance describe our wedding vibe down to a tee. And when I saw those gold sequin tablecloths, I nearly fainted. Simply perfection. I’m happy to report that we found a table linen option that rivals the gold sequins. Oh, and there will be sequin table linens as well. What can I say, I could never get married without some sparkle!

(images via Southern Weddings and Jodi Miller Photography)

Maison Michel

streetstyle6404 paris-street-7-4_154435786603 1-hats_143126809691.jpg_gallery_max BI8A4201B4 STREETFSNIt seems as though I’m always on the hunt for something. Awhile back it was a denim dress, (and one of my sweet friends read my post and sent me the cutest denim dress ever) more recently gladiator sandals – random I know – and now I’ve moved on in search of the perfect fedora hat. I try to make a list of key pieces I’m lusting over or need at the beginning of each season so I can shop prepared and the perfect fedora hat happens to be at the top of my list. Maison Michel is a new to me brand, but it didn’t take long for me to figure out that more than a few of my favorite fedora street style snaps pictured her hats. Sadly, they are wayyyy out of my price range for a hat but I’m letting her styles serve as major inspiration for my next hat purchase. I of course, want to get a fedora in black as it can be worn with practically everything, but I do love the idea of a fun colored one like a pale pink or bright blue. I’ve got my eye on this gal from ASOS. Yay or nay?

(images via Vanessa Jackman, Vogue, The Native Fox, StreetFSN)