6 Month Countdown

wedding-balloons-bride-and-groomOctober 18 officially marked the 6 month countdown until our wedding day! I can’t believe this much time has passed already! At this rate, our wedding day will be here in the blink of an eye! We’ve been having so much fun with the planning process – from picking the linens, menu, cake design, to wedding invites, we’ve enjoyed nailing down all of the details for the big day. I’m often too busy in the moment to snap pictures while we’re in planning meetings and such, but I did manage to catch a few snaps of our planning process over the past couple of months. Luckily I’m not in charge of photography on our wedding day, or else the photos would definitely be a disaster.

photo 3

^^reception venue^^

photo 2

^^the menu for our food tasting^^

photo 4

^^picking out wedding invites^^

photo 1

^^pretty setup for our food tasting^^

(images via my instagram and weddings by lilly)

Q & A.

214b21b7b81cb125cee5e4b45f6584abIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that I read plenty of blogs. I have my favorites that I check in on everyday, a variety of reads on Bloglovin’, a few celebrity outfit blogs saved to my bookmarks, and even more catalogued in my memory that I check in on every now and again. I recently happened to check in on Design Darling and I stumbled across a cute little Q&A post she did not too long ago. I always enjoy when bloggers I like do Q&A sessions and I thought it would be fun to take on Mackenzie’s Q&A challenge here on 10thirteen! Read on to check out my answers to Mackenzie’s Q&A, plus a few more fun questions added in for good measure!

Best gift you’ve received: My Chanel jumbo flap bag that was a graduation gift from my mom when I finished my MBA. I literally almost had a heart attack when I opened the box!

Last book you read: I am most definitely a reader! I always go for the books over the movies. I saw the preview for the movie Left Behind with Nicholas Cage and thought I’d check out the book instead. Well that turned into me buying Volume I of the Left Behind series which is 6 books in total about 2 weeks ago. I’m currently on book 6. Told ya, I like to read.

Something on today’s to do list: Process new shipment styles at the store. We love new arrivals!

Something you’re really good at: Shopping! Haha!

Something you’re really bad at: Organization in general and housekeeping – I’m a work in progress!

What would you do if you won the lottery? Fully re-decorate our house, buy a new car! Get my mom any and everything her little heart desires :)

Favorite day of the week: Sunday funday, without a doubt. Brunch, mimosas, netflix + the couch, and it’s my off day!

(image via popsugar)